Friday, September 09, 2011

things that make my heart melt...

it is pretty much a known fact that i love dogs.  i mean looooooove dogs. and most of the people who are close to me would probably tell you, maybe a little too much.  
once, when ophelia was sick and i was playing "at home vet diagnosis via the internet " (ps... NEVER a good idea!!!), i came across the story of a beaufort couple whose dog had suffered from a heat stroke. it was a beautiful summer day and they took "rover" on a walk, like they had probably hundreds of times before.  i will skip the details but  their plea to make sure your dog drinks enough water while taking even the shortest of walks really struck a chord with me. BFT is a super dog friendly town. i can't count the number of dogs that walk by my studio every day. the day i read of that couple's sad story (even though it was december), i promptly put two water bowls outside of the studio door. 
since then, part of my morning routine is to refill and change the doggie water bowls. i never really knew if anyone necessarily used them or cared. but one day i came to the studio and found a picture slid in the crack of the door. this picture actually brought tears to my eyes. this was the picture:
there are two morals to this story. the first being: make sure your dog is well hydrated. but you knew i was going to say that. the second moral is about doing things for people. its the little things that we go out of our way to do, that make someone else's day. you might do them, and think no one notices. trust me, someone out there does.  keep doing it. and let me throw in a third moral. this small token of my neighbor's appreciation, has meant so much to me!!! and inspired me to want to be more thoughtful, and take time to thank people for the little things they do. so today if someone is doing something that you really appreciate: your family, a friend, a stranger, the mailman, whoever...take a second to thank them. write them a note or bake them some cookies or just stop them and tell them how much their actions mean to you. whatever it may be, you will never know how much that means to someone, until someone has done something nice for you. so....

 do something nice today :).

anyway, as always thanks for reading...
and wishing you well.

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