Monday, July 18, 2011

going to a good home!

you can now find THR pottery in farmville nc!

3729 North Main Street
 Farmville, NC 
farmville folks and beyond! go check out mylestone gallery. make sure to say hey to meredith and brittany for me! these two wonderful, wonderful ladies are bringing fine handmade crafts to main street farmville.
this is a post from meredith's blog, back in 2010. i think she says it well...
It's summertime and I am sure you have either been on vacation or are planning a vacation soon. Whenever I am traveling I wander down roads with no idea where I am heading, I eat where the locals eat and I step into all the little shops in town or along the way. I like to support small, local businesses because they are the heart of a town. 
I encourage you to head down the unknown path and pay a visit to those local, small town businesses. You never know who you will meet, the conversations you will have and the treasures you will find.
Shop local wherever your travels take you. It makes a difference to the owners and the town and you will be very glad you did.
love this!
buy local and as always, thanks for reading...
wishing you well,

Finding me:

asheville river arts district
95 roberts street
asheville, north carolina

phone: 828.400.2800